How do I give my RPG to a friend to play that I made in RPG Maker Fes?


Your friend doesn't need a full copy of the RPG Maker Fes game to play your RPG. All they need is a Nintendo 3DS or 2DS console with a Nintendo Network ID registed to the console. Then they can visit the Nintendo eShop on their console and download the RPG Maker Fes Player.

Once it is downloaded, they can open the program. Select "Download games" and choose to connect to the internet. (Make sure you WiFi is on on your 3DS / 2DS console!). Your friend will then choose a username for themselves. Once connected, select "Download posted product."

If you decided to release your RPG for the world to play, then your friend can select "All products." Then select "search" and using either your games Title, Nickname, or your creator ID, your friend can search for your game.

If you just want your friend to be able to play the game, then create a product ID for your game, then give it to your friend. They can the select "Search product ID" and insert your product ID into the search.

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