RPG Maker Fes Create New Game

The "create new" option allows you to begin making your game.

Five options will be available: Map Settings, Event Settings, Database, Test Play, and Save.

Map Settings allows you to edit maps for your game. What are Maps in RPG Maker Fes?

Event Settings allows you to edit events for your game. What are Events in RPG Maker Fes?

Database holds a lot of information you can customize for your games. Stuff like who your main characters are, the game's title, enemy encounters and more. More about the Database in RPG Maker Fes!

Test Play allows you to test your game. You'll need to save your game first before you can test it! You will be testing your game A LOT during your time creating!

Save gives you the option to save your game in one of the 16 slots available. Between games you make and games you download from other people, you are limited to 16 spots so be aware! As you are editing your game, you can quickly save your game in the slot you chose by pressing START. How do you backup your RPGs in RPG Maker Fes?

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