How do you make a custom sprite in smileBASIC?


First, open the Smile Tool. In the Smile Tool, select PAINT. (It is in the upper right corner)

The top screen will display a huge sprite sheet. This is where your game's sprite are stored! Using the control pad and circle pad, you can scroll over the entire sprite sheet to change what part of the sheet your are viewing and where you want to draw.

Using the stylus, you can draw on your sprite sheet using the touch screen. There is a color selector to choose different colors to draw with. Selecting 1, 2, 4, 8, or 16 is the zoom/magnification of the sprite sheet drawing area on the touch screen. PSET allows you to draw like a pencil. LINE lets you draw with a straight line. Explore the options!

When you are finished, select SAVE in the bottom right corner. Choose a file name for your custom sprite sheet. This sprite sheet will be saved in your current Active Project folder. (Make sure to write this name down because when you want to load it or save any other changes you make to it, you'll need this same file name!)

Congratulations! You now have made your own sprite sheet, which is now ready to be used in your game. These are the basics of making custom sprites in smileBASIC! Find out How to load your custom sprite in smileBASIC here!

Page updated: October 17th, 2015 @ 10:08 PM Eastern Time

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