Can smileBASIC create 3D games?


Are you referring to stereoscopic 3D, a 3D effect that the Nintendo 3DS can display when you enable 3D on the Nintendo 3DS and use the depth slider? If so, check out these articles for more information!

If you're referring to 3D rendered graphics, then the answer is yes as well! Just be aware that smileBASIC doesn't have any access to the software acceleration and the ability to load in 3D assets, such as 3D models, like in other programming languages. It also doesn't have built in 3D capabilities. (such as a DRAW3D command)

You'll need to create your own 3D code by hand.

Do you remember the Japan exclusive game "X" produced by Argonaut Software? That was a 3D flying game that was created on the Nintendo Game Boy in 1992. The code had to be created by hand for rendering the 3D effects since the Nintendo Game Boy had no bulit in 3D capabilities.

Also, retro arcade games like Pole Position and retro console racing games like Super Mario Kart and Top Gear used 2D graphics with 3D programming effects to create a 3D environment. These consoles didn't have built in 3D capabilities, so the programmers had to create their own code for 3D.

You will have to program a 3D game in the "old school sense" in smileBASIC for the Nintendo 3DS.

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