RPG Maker Fes Beginner's Tutorial Guide Part 3

We have a main character and now we have a map to walk around on. So now let's add something to do in this game!

Make sure you are in the Event Settings of your map before getting started!

In the last part, we set an event, "Initial Position" to make sure the main character startes on our new map. Now It's time to make another event!

Tap somewhere else on the map and choose "Create event."

We want to create a character that you can talk to. When you talk to the character, the charcter says something, and then end the game and show the credits.

You can name your event if you want to in the "Event name" section.

The graphic section is where you can choose the sprite for the character. You can choose one of the guy or girl characters, enemy sprites, vehicles, and even map chips for this event. Choose whatever one you want!

Once you chose a graphic, click "Event content."

Here is where we can choose what our event will do! Select "add new event."

We want this character to say something, so select the event "Message." It's under the "Message control" group of events. Here you can type what you want this character to say.

You can also choose a graphic to display while this message box is on the screen. Usually this graphic represents who is saying this message. The message can be three lines long. You can also preview what it looks like by selecting "preview." Once you are done, press confirm.

Now we want to show the credits and end the game.

Select "add new event." You can set the song to play, set the pitch to change the way to song sounds, and then an Icon to end the game with. Press confirm when you are done. Then press B to go back until you are back to the event editor.

OK! Let's test our game!

You should be able to find your character, walk into them, and see your message and then the ending credits. Then the game goes back to the Title screen.

If you want to change some more things for your event, you can tap it or highlight it and press A and select "edit."


You have now created an RPG from beginning to end. You have a main character, a world to walk around it, and something to do, which causes the game to end. You just made a game!

If you have any questions up to this point, you can ask a question here!

Next time, we'll add some enemies to the game to make the game a bit more challenging!

Part 4 is coming soon! For now, find more RPG Maker Fes Tutorials on our Official ExecuteCode.com YouTube Channel and at our website here!


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