What are Events in RPG Maker Fes?
Event Settings in RPG Maker Fes

Need an explination of events in RPG Maker Fes? Events are things in your game that make things happen in your game and things the main player of your game can interact with.

You place events by tapping the touch screen or pressing the A button where you want the event. If you want the most control over an event, then you "create event" from scratch. But there are "Easy create" events too, where you can choose common things you probably need for your game.

Events can only be placed on maps. You cannot see a list of all your events in your game. They are not available in a list in your database. They can only be viewed on the map that they are on, so make sure keep a record of where your events are!

If you want to keep your event invisible, then you can use the "clear person graphic" that is there by default. You can also change the graphic to use the character sprites, item sprites, or even map chips! (But you cant select a group of map chip. It can only be a single block)

Events can have up to 10 pages.

Event content is the meat of events. That is where you can set all kinds of properties for your game. For each page of your event, the event content can have up to 99 events! That's a lot and plenty for you to make an interesting game!

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