What are Pages in RPG Maker Fes?

Pages are contained within Events. Each Event in your RPG Maker Fes game can hold up to 10 pages.

You can think of a Page in RPG Maker Fes as a "state" that the Event can be in. For example, if you have an Event that initially you want to be invisible, at the minimum you would set the graphic to invisible and turn off Pass Judgment. If you wanted this Event, later in the game, to appear and talk to the player, you would add a Page to the event, and on that page you would set a graphic for the event, turn on Pass Judgment, and set a Message Event for the Event Content of that page and then have the Event switch pages to this page.

Each Event can only run ONE page at a time. So for example, your Event can't run Page 1 AND Page 9 at the same time. The Event would have to run either Page 1 OR Page 9.

By default, Events run Page 1, without switching to different pages in the event.

To have an Event switch pages, you can use the Event Continue command.

There is another way for an Event to switch pages. Event Pages 2 to 10 give you the option to automatically switch to that page if certain things happen in the game, such as a Switch being on, a character being in your party, a variable having a certain value, and more.


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